Meet Elisabeth

Elisabeth first walked into my life in June of 2011 during our CIC course.  Her bright blue eyes accentuated by long eyelashes covered in layers of mascara.  Throughout the course her hand was always in the air, ready to ask a question.

If at first glance you thought she resembles a character out of a legally blonde movie, she would not correct you.  She doesn’t take life too seriously so why should she take her self seriously.  But behind this facade of pink nails and sparkling jewelry lies the persona of a once tomboy that grew up in the mountains of Colorado.  And still enjoys camping, four wheeling and horse back riding.  You might be thinking like me, “Surely in tight jeans,” but if you did then you’d be wrong.  Elisabeth’s alter ego enjoys going camping barefaced, wearing baggy denims and an old oversized t-shirt.

While telling me about her outdoor adventures she fondly reflects back on her tomboy days as a child when sports mattered more than brushing her hair or even her teeth.  Allegedly this change over into the pretty and prim Elisabeth that most of us know happened when she was fifteen.  At this time she switched schools and because of the pressure to be accepted by her new classmates, she explored her femininity.  She discovered that what she loved second to the wild, freedom of the outdoors, was being a girl.

The concept, you have to be presentable to be socially accepted, that Elisabeth cultivated has helped her greatly in building her image as a future lawyer and business consultant.
She maturely gazes at me and says, “To be believable, you have to look the part.”  A skill she has clearly mastered.

This young woman, that value respecting her elders and the importance of family, will be taking off to Colorado soon.  She will be continuing her studies at UC in law.  For now she will put her love for hunting and guns on hold and focus her energy on developing her knack for mediation and negotiation.  Next time you think, “Elisabeth is so sassy!” don’t forget that she is savvy too.


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  1. Reading this little piece on Elisabeth made me smile. She is so sweet and multifaceted. Good luck with law school, Elisabeth!

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